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We think Wikipedia is awesome. The fruits of wikipedia is what led to things like Freebase. We also think Wikipedia is not going to get to the depths of knowledge capture in certain vertical segments like this wiki, not anytime soon anyway.

This is an attempt to usher that gathering of leaves. This is yet another branch on the human knowlege tree. It is going to be small, it is going to be detailed in certain areas, and it is going to be poignant (about Nepal).

Would you know all the names of villages, towns and Cities (each and every one) in Nepal?

Would you be able to find why momo is such an intrinsic part of the culture of Nepal via Wikipedia?

Would you know why the symbolism of the bi-triangular Nepali Flag rings "defiance" in Nepali hearts?

Would you know that Nepal (based on the common language and the common tradiiton) spans one fifteenth of the area of current day India as opposed to one twentieth?

No? Awesome!

This is your place.

(Over time, we can hopefully turn this into a wikipedia:Semantic Wiki which will ease the transition into a universally discoverable web experience.)

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