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Gratitude and Thanks


The site is hosted at a location provided by The Color Crimson and is hosted currently on the MediaWiki Platform. The site is inspired by large knowledge-related communal undertakings on the internet like Wikipedia, OpenCyc, Freebase and The Rosetta Project.

The Planet Nepal Foundation (PNF) would also like to extend it's gratitude to the Nepali community at large and to The Association of Nepalis in the Ameriacs (ANA) for letting PNF advertise it's efforts through ANA events.

This site is made possible by the incredible initial contributions of User:Nepaliaashish, User:Eknepali, User:kapur_ghimire, User:mahendra, User:Rct, User:Sagunrayamajhi, User:Sajesh and User:Sandeep.

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