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Bits and pieces about Nepal and Nepali - preserving the genes of Nepali society

Any and all things nepal related. People, places, things, memories. A reference point for information on Nepal and Nepali things.

Cultural nuances and traits are the genes of a society. Planet Nepal Encyclopedia is an attempt to digitally capture and preserve those unique Nepali cultural nuances for future reference. A major concern of the project is the gradual loss of the cultural knowledge in Nepal's many cultures. To stem the leak and help reverse the trend, we aim to facilitate the creation of a repository of Nepali knowledge here at the encylopedia, collectively!

This is a work in progress. Please add edit pages as you see fit. Anyone can create edit pages. Other functionality requires a simple registration/login. Once in a while administrators will perform maintenance related tasks like moving pages around, creating links etc.. Enjoy.

A good place to start off is the Main Page or the Categories.

This site was inspired by Wikipedia and hopes to further that goal by making this much more "encyclopaedic" when it comes to Nepal and Nepali topics. Dig in, it's your Nepal!

Every version is kept, so please do not be afraid to edit existing articles or add new ones. It's just a click away.

Contents of this site are published under the Creative Commons licensing scheme and is documented at the PlanetNepal:Content License page.

The Planet Nepal Encyclopedia is an information infrastructure project of the Planet Nepal Foundation. Information on the Foundation's projects are viewable at the Planet Nepal Foundation site.

Colophon is available at the PlanetNepal:Colophon page.

Planet Nepal also hosts a news aggregator for blogs related to Nepal and Nepali content at . For more information about the news rss site, visit PlanetNepal:RSS News


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