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Nepal Administrative Political Structure
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Nepal is divided into 14 administrative zones (अञ्चल), which are divided into 75 districts (जिल्ला). The 14 administrative zones are grouped into five development regions (विकास क्षेत्र). Currently the 14 administrative zones lack definition in terms of the political and administrative heirarchy and are a vestige of the older political system.

Development region

Anywhere from 9 to 19 districts make up a development Region.

There are 5 development Regions.


Cluster of 13 to 114 Village Development Councils (VDC) make up a district.

There are 75 districts.


Anywhere from 4 to 5 VDCs make up an Ilaka.

There are 927 Ilakas.

VDC / Municipality

A VDC typically constitutes of 9 Wards. Any VDC with more than 9 wards is considered a Municipality.

There are 3914 VDCs.

There are 58 Municipalities.

There are currently 5 Sub Metropolitan Areas

There is one Metropolitan Area.


A ward is the smallest administrative unit. There are upwards of 36,023 wards.


A cluster of houses or communities.


There are 205 constituencies. A district usually has 2 or more constituencies.

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